SIA Security Jobs and Careers in Uk – How to Become a Security Guard in Uk

If you are looking for a security career, you might be wondering how to get started. In this article, we will look at SIA security jobs in the UK and what it requires. These security jobs are highly lucrative, and you may have an opportunity to work as a guard, a door supervisor, or an event guard. All of these roles require SIA registration and some training.

As a SIA Security Officer, you will be working in a highly-secure location. You will be responsible for maintaining the peace and safety of the premises. The security company uses video technology to protect their clients. You will have to pass a screening process to meet BS7858 standards.

People with criminal convictions may face difficulties applying for an SIA job. However, if you have a clean record, the SIA will consider your application. If you have a history of criminal convictions, the SIA will take into account the nature of the offence and the date of the offence. If your offences were minor and relatively recent, you could still apply for an SIA position.

How to Become a Security Guard in the Uk

If you are looking for an SIA security job in the UK, you have come to the right place. These jobs are available in most areas and require a license-linked course. Before you can begin working as a security guard, you must complete a course. The UK Security Industry Authority regulates security guard courses. The courses are taught by friendly, experienced trainers. You will be required to complete a First Aid course and must complete a course approved by the government. These courses are administered by approved private training providers. They are delivered in chunks of varying lengths and are usually completed in two or three weeks.

UK Security Guard Requirement

Applicants must complete a Security Industry Authority (SIA)-approved training course.

They must be at least eighteen years of age and be a UK resident.

Must also pass a criminal record and identity check.

They must also have excellent English skills.

How do I get an SIA license in the UK?

The licensing process involves a series of steps, each of which must be completed successfully in order to gain SIA licensing. The first step towards licensing is completing the SIA training course. After that, you’ll need to take a written exam. The SIA licensing course usually takes three days and is assessed by multiple-choice exams. SIA training partners have excellent pass rates. Once you have completed the training course, you can apply for the SIA license.

What is the job of an SIA security guard?

The main job of an SIA security guard is to protect people and property. Of course, the duties of a security guard are determined depending on the professional field in which the work is provided and the location and features of a particular job.

In general, the security guards face tasks related to:

Checking passes and other documents that provide the right to enter the facility

Permission for the vehicle to enter a certain territory

Preventing situations in which theft of protected property is possible

Inspection of vehicles entering or leaving the protected area

Despite their many duties, security guards must be capable of multitasking. They do not just watch buildings and malls; and they must also patrol parking lots and check on suspicious activity. They must also keep an eye on CCTV cameras to identify potential security risks. Moreover, security guards must be diligent in their work. They should be able to respond quickly to any incidents or situations and report them to the appropriate authorities. You can find jobs in concierge, event security, airport security, and the security company and bouncer. Obtaining an license allows you to move from job to job without losing your security authorization.

Can you work in security without an SIA license?

For those who want to become a door supervisor or security guard, an SIA license is essential. These licenses are required for activities such as security guarding, door supervision, and CCTV operation.