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We support the parking and environmental services with Environmental Enforcement Officer, recycling operatives, Refuse driver loader, HGV class 2 driver, refuse loader, street cleanser, parking attendant and civil enforcement officer.

Our ideal Civil enforcement officer candidate should have:

what does a civil enforcement officer do?

civil enforcement officers patrol roads and public car parks, checking parked vehicles. If you are looking to work in the parking industry there is a difference between Parking attendants and Civil enforcement officers.

Is a civil enforcement officer the same as a traffic warden?

The major difference between a parking attendant and civil enforcement officers (CEO) is that parking attendants enforce private locations i.e. private car parks (hospitals, restaurants, shopping centers) and private lands (private housing). While CEO work for or on behalf of local councils.

Civil enforcement officer, which was previously called traffic wardens, make sure that traffic, motoring and parking rules are followed. They patrol the streets, or car parks, to check on parked vehicles.

What are the civil enforcement officer’s main duties?

Some of the duties for both roles includes:

What is the salary of civil enforcement officer?

The figures below are only a guide. Actual pay rates may vary, depending on:

Pay rates vary but range from around £10.0 to £11.50 an hour. You might also get opportunities for overtime. You are provided with a uniform and protective wet weather clothing.


Getting In

What Does it Take?

You need to be:


Getting On

With experience, you may be able to become a supervisor, manager, or trainer.