Why Use Our Services?

Comity Recruitment: committed to your success

We are a deployment solution, not just a recruitment company

Are you missing your deployment KPI?

Are you looking to increase your productivity?

Are you looking to increase your operation Deployment Level?

No matter what you are looking for we are able to support you.

From our vast experience in parking we are able to recognise our clients needs and desire candidates who will contribute positively to their operations.

We are here to support your operation accordingly.

Hence, we ensure all Temporary staff supplied to our clients are:

  • managed according to our clients’ sickness and absence policy to ensure smooth running of their operations
  • We are committed to the success of your company hence we operate an employee recognition scheme across all our contracts.

Contact us today at and let Comity Recruitment be part of your enforcement operation.


We specialise in parking enforcement recruitment with a combined experience of over 30 years in the parking enforcement industry. Comity Recruitment is the ideal solution to all your parking-related candidates’ needs.

  • We offer bespoke services tailored to your specific needs
  • We offer solutions to your permanent and temporary needs
  • We offer training services covering all aspect of Civil Enforcement, from On-street CEO, Supervisor, OPS Manager, Contract Manager, Appeal and Back officer team, on board CEO, CCTV officers etc.
  • Carry out recruitment drive locally on your behalf

We Support the below Industries

  • Parking Enforcement
  • Healthcare Sector
  • Facility Management
  • Security
  • Event Management & Safety Steward
  • Fulfillment Centre/Warehouse Staff
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