Parking Projects Manager

Title : Parking Projects Manager

Comity Recruitment Ltd

  • Greater London

Comity Recruitment is looking for an experience Parking Projects Manager for one its clients. Previous experience as a parking enforcement manager or parking operations manager is an advantage.

The role is to support the relevant Head of Service and Senior Parking Engineer in securing continuous development, improvement, efficiency and success of the department as a whole through effective leadership, budget management, strategic direction, planning, management and governance.
Leading the delivery, to time and budget, of parking projects – identifying and managing funding streams, governance arrangements, and complex inter-dependent project plans.

Working with internal and external partners in particular the parking design contractor and relevant consultants.

Interpreting and assessing progress made against an evolving programme or improvements.

Reporting the progress made against the service projects, the design of new projects ensuring that projects are successfully closed on time and evaluating the success of projects.


Summary of main duties and responsibilities

  • Financial
  • Provide financial estimates and statistics for annual capital and revenue budgets and detailed costs for specific projects of work / claims for payment.
  • Operate within the financial limits and budgetary arrangements of the Directorate.
  • Report promptly and advise on changing budget needs to the Manager.
  • Ensure the baseline financial performance is established and communicated before the
  • commencement of the project and that the systems processes are in place to measure the
  • impact of the project against the initial position.
  • Professional
  • Prepare Conditions of Contract and Specification using Standard Form necessary and prepare Bills of Quantities and Schedules of Rates and other tender documents relating to the contract or agreement with the client / customer / specifier.
  • Prepare briefs for professional services for the appointment of consultants / contractors and assist in preparing associated agreements as required.
  • Take personal day to day responsibility for the delivery of services, the design, control and completion of projects and the achievement of professional standards within own area of work whether work is undertaken by self, own staff or sub-contractors.
  • Ensure that in executing contracts / agreements (or parts thereof) all specifications are met (unless otherwise agreed formally with the specifier) and that levels of performance, quality targets, budgetary targets constraints and any other objectives as may be agreed with the specifier or the manager or as necessary in meeting statutory requirements are achieved.
  • Be aware of current and proposed items of Parking design legislation, trends, engineering, developments etc; which may impact on the work of the group and advise the manager accordingly.
  • Participate in any best value exercise as required.
  • As required, draw up whatever contracts / services level agreements are required with subcontractors, other engineering groups or other Council departments. Monitor and control their execution and payment thereof.
  • To proactively facilitate agreement and approval of scope, goals, deliverables, and benefit realisation pans; to define project tasks and resource requirements.
  • To lead in compiling regular progress reports, identifying, and managing project risk/issues.
  • To collaborate with stakeholders to develop solutions in response to issues/risks and to manage and control project changes in line with established protocols.
  • To assume the role of Quality Manager throughout the lifecycle of the project and lead on project review/lessons learnt process at the end of the project
  • Managerial
  • Work alongside the Head of Service in developing amongst staff flexibility in working, a quality management approach to work, a customer care attitude to customers, sensitivity to business opportunities, and an awareness of the factors on which the group success depends.
  • Manage and lead staff to achieve a high performance and effective operation delivery including developing and improving staff capabilities.
  • Lead on recruitment and in the training of staff.
  • Lead on Programme Management responsibility around delivery of required projects including Controlled Parking Zones.
  • Work with service managers to:
  • Develop Project Initiation Documents using the councils chosen format
  • Facilitate agreement and approval of project scope, goals, deliverables and quality plans
  • Define project tasks and resource requirements
  • Design and develop service project plans, identifying potential timescales for delivery potential costs, revenue generate, resource requirements.
  • Lead commissioning activity where a project is not progressed using in-house resources; develop specifications and business rules which reflect the key project deliverables.
  • To motivate, develop and empower teams to optimise their skills and output and to promote effective working relations to ensure that project objectives and targets are appropriately met.
  • Communications
  • Represent the manager or the division’s chief officers at any internal or external meetings, public enquiries or forums, court hearings etc. on engineering matters as required.
  • Present committee and other reports. Also prepare and present public consultations and exhibition documents. Assess, analyse and report results arising from these.
  • Answer or assist in answering / responding to the general public, Government departments, Members of Parliament, Council Members, other departments and consultants.
  • Provide professional engineering / transportation advice to the manager, the division’s chief officers and others as required.
  • Assist with insurance claims and on associated procedures as required.
  • Actively engage with and encourage the participation of a range of relevant stakeholders including internal department, external suppliers and customers. Facilitating meetings, focus groups and customer surveys where appropriate.
  • Build strong working relationships with principal stakeholders such as service area managers, and lead in the promotion of robust project management across the organisation.

Contract length: 5 months

Job Types: Full-time, Temporary, Contract

Salary: £280.90-£350.00 per day

  • Temporary
  • Greater London
  • Applications have closed.

Comity Recruitment Ltd